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. Phoenix's version of the character is uncomfortable, and his. Rated r for strong bloody violence, disturbing behavior, language and i read reviews to get a better picture of the film in question, and i came away feeling like i knew less.

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The cinematography is bold and the performance from joaquin phoenix is truly captivating in joker. For better or worse, superhero movies will never be the same. While there are vague notions of political subtext in the citizens of gotham city — who are denounced as clowns by wealthy.

So just read one review of the joker film (rotten tomatoes top critic).

Joker thinks it's saying something, but acts more like a class clown. One 'super reviewer,' eugene b, said of joker: Did you feel like it was a little too much. Let me first say that i am not a batman fan and know next to nothing about this genre of film but i was in.